SKODA OCTAVIA LOGO PROJECTOT LIGHTS Nr.86 (quantity 1 = 2 Logo Film / 2 door lights)

MODEL: 【A】 X2 (Octavia VRS III LIGHTS + X2 octavia LOGO FILMS
€29,99 €45


- fits Octavia III VRS 5 E Octavia II KODIAQ KAROQ YETI SUPERB FABIA models with door safety lights (not only reflectors)
- FANTASTIC mega power led safety door lights
- powerfull ghost-light function -Octavia III VRS 5 E Octavia II KODIAQ KAROQ YETI SUPERB FABIA Safety door light is RED
- SKODA Ghost light Have 200+ pattern
- delivered price as a full 2 pcs set and shipping
- super easy install plug and play
- if you have reflector only, these lights are not for your car
- you must have light, not reflector only !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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