- 20% off ,If the order amount over 2 Sets of door lights !!!
(The estimated delivery time of the package is 2-4 business days within EU)
Before buying, be sure to check your old item to see if it fits you in the pictures.
Feel free to contact us for more information. 

  • Fits models : Mini Club Member R55 F54 (2009-2021)
    Countryman R60 (2010-2021)
    Paceman R61 (2012-2021)
    Sports Car R59(2012-2021)
    Mini Cooper R55(2007-2021) R56(2007-2021) R57 R58(2011-2021)
    R59(2011-2021) R60 R61 F55 F56 F57(2009-2021)
    Mini Cabrio F57 R52 R57(2008-2021)
    Mini Clubman R55 F54
    Mini Cooper JCW
    Mini Roadster R59
    Mini Cooper One S R36 R56 R57 R58