- 20% off ,If the order amount over 2 Sets of door lights
(The estimated delivery time of the package is 2-4 business days within EU)
Before buying, be sure to check your old item to see if it fits you in the pictures.
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Product Specification:
The lights  different from ebay aliexperss wish product !!!
Our product has two plugs , fit for both the new audi model and the old audi model ,dont need changeover wires ,, at the same time the lights has a built-in fuse ,it has automatic power off function
its safer than ebay wish and aliexpress product
our product has all metal material ,heat dissipation effect is very good
Life span: More than 100,000 hours


Package includes:    (quantity 1 = 2 Logo Films / 2  door lights)
(1)  X 2 Door Projector lights with X 2 Logo Films 

(2)  X 2  additional  Logo Films 

(3)  X 1 pcs Removal Tool  

(4)  X 1 Towel