INFINITI G35 LOGO PROJECROTR LIGHTS Nr.37 (quantity 1 = 1 sets/2 door lights)

MODEL: 【F】X2 INFINITI lights & X2 G35 logo Films
€29,99 €79


Product Specification:The lens of the new lamp can be moved left and right and the Angle can be adjusted, so that the lens of the lamp and the ground can be 90 degrees, and the projection effect is clearer.
The lights  different from ebay aliexperss wish product !!!
automatic power off function
its safer than ebay wish and aliexpress product
our product has all metal material ,heat dissipation effect is very good
Life span: More than 100,000 hours


Package includes:
2x door projector light

Type: Car Door Courtesy Lights Material:

PC, Aluminium Alloy Quantity: 2 PCS

Power: 5W Voltage: DC 12V - 24V

Current: 2.5A

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